From boating and fly fishing on Bear Lake to skiing the Teton Mountains, District 32 is as vast as it is diverse!  From Franklin to Felt, from Holbrook to Freedom, and from Malad to Montpelier, Eastern Idaho boasts beautiful landscapes, a strong economy, and caring communities.  District 32 is home to family generations as well as those who moved to District 32, seeking an ideal place to live, work, and raise a family.


District 32 is primarily driven by the phosphate industry.  With the blessing of huge phosphate ore reserves, I am committed to promoting environmentally safe mining and production practices.

In addition, I support the expansion of the Smokey Canyon Mine and the New Blackfoot Bridge Mine.  With the vision that we have the technology to mine these sites as well as protect Idaho’s water, we are preserving our two most vital industries in District 32—mining and agriculture.

I’m committed to improving our transportation system, which is not only important to the mining and agriculture industries, but it is vital to the tourism industry as well.  For example, Bear Lake and the Teton Basin rely on tourism - and the transportation of goods to the consumer remain a priority.

With the addition of Oneida County, District 32 is clearly the home of Utah’s lottery.  Five of the top ten Idaho lottery outlets are in Oneida, Bear Lake and Franklin counties.

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